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Practice Krav-Maga in Monaco
Come to Monaco Arts Martiaux to test
L'équipe de Monaco (Julien Quilico et Wilfried Phan) Championne du Monde 2017 et Championne de France 2018
De droite à gauche : Mmes Félicia Pouget, Cécile Gelabale, MM. Thomas Brezzo, Christophe Steiner, Julien Quilico, Wilfried Phan, Gareth Wittstock, Jacques Pastor, Laurent Dupont et Claude Pouget.

Start of lessons : Monday 10 september 2018
15 € of discount will be granted for all payments made with the registration before 31 august 2018

Training in Self-Defense Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythai, etc

For childrens since 3 years old, teens, adults, mixed.
Beginners or confirmed,
In group or individual lessons (coaching) Free discovery course with medical certificate.
Join us now !
A way of life and for the youngest an excellent educative activity.

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EDUCATIVE MARTIAL ARTS (krav-maga, kickboxing, Muaythai)

Children from 5 to 13 years old

SELF-DEFENSE KRAV-MAGA to no longer be a victim !

Adults/teen since 14 years old

KICKBOXING, MUAYTHAI, energy and punch !

Adults/teen since 14 years old

MONACO, CAP D'AIL & BEAUSOLEIL, collective and private courses

Planning & Subscriptions all courses

H.S.H Prince ALBERT II decorating Mr Claude POUGET

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with the sport and physical decoration bronze medal in the Government Palace for the promoting action in the International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco (teaching Krav-Maga, Muaythai, Kick-Boxing, K1 Rules, Ful-Conctact, American Boxing, etc.).

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Specialized magazine

Claude Pouget Magazine 29 12 2017 SD 01 2018 HR 1

Self Defense Mag 03/2018

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From now, you can subscribe to current training courses (Self-Defense R.O.C., Kick-Boxing, Muaythai, Wushu Sanda (Boxe chinoise) Krav-Maga, Karate, Full-Contact, American Boxing, K1, etc.) . Collectives course will start again in Monaco, on September and in Cap d'Ail,: from september till to then end of june for individual or collective courses (tel. +377 6 07 93 31 36 ou 06 07 93 31 36).

Our team is delighted to welcome you to present you : A WAY OF LIFE.

Fruits of thise approch : efficiency, serenity, tone, stress evacuation, mental fortification, harmony, self control, and much more .... : for extracting a strengh and an essentiel well-being.

You can take lessons in:

- 1°/ SELF-DEFENSE R.O.C. INTERNATIONAL (synthesis of defense arts that i conceived) for adults and teenagers from the age of 14 : in collective or individual seminars, on request ;

- 2°/ KICK-BOXING, MUAY-THAI,WUSHU SANDA (Boxe chinoise) K1, FULL-CONTACT K1, FULL-CONTACT, from 10 years old)  SELF-DFENSE (KRAV MAGA) (from 14 years old) :  for adults and teenagers in Monaco, assisted by Mr Thomas BREZZO, 2nd Degree Black Belt, Instructor in Kick-Boxing, Muaythai, K1, Full-contact, etc.)

Our academy also organizes global events of combat sports like the Monte Carlo Masters Fighting it has created.

- 3 °/ KARATE for children over 3, Baby Karate, to 14 : in Cap d’Ail (the current teacher is Mr Julien QUILICO, State diploma professor, 3nd Degree black belt),

You will therefore be able to enjoy the positive effects of these disciplines which will help you to fully bloom, whatever the reason:

- for self-defence (in order not to become a victim!) ;

- to practice a global and balanced physical and sporting (fighting) activity.

Regular training in our disciplines, adapted to everybody’s rhythm and following our teaching, will reach the bottom of your soul.

So, if you haven’t tried it out yet, don’t wait any longer and join us in a friendly atmosphere to keep improving.

As the holder of Superior State Diploma in Martial Arts (Karate, Krav-Maga, etc.) with over 28 years’ experience and 41 years of training, I would be delighted to share with you my passion and my knowledge

Looking forward to the pleasure of your joining us soon,


Self-Défense Master of the Year


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